Stefania Belfiore, aka Milliner Stybel was born in Milan, daughter of one of the greatest Abruzzo tailors, she grew up with art in her blood and cultivated her creativity from a young age. Today he is an important and well-known milliner in Italy and abroad, thanks to the numerous awards and recognitions received for his passionate work.

Modista Stefania Belfiore


I create unique pieces that enhance the femininity and personality of the woman who wants to stand out with style to get out of the canons.

Being a milliner for me means interpreting the dreams and wishes of my clients to make them come true with wonderful creations.


I teach in private courses, workshops and schools to pass on the art of millinery to new generations of creatives.

MAM Miani – Fashion Academy, Roma

Academy of Fine Arts Foggia

Rosa Sblano – School of Fashion and professional Tailoring e, Bari


In 2019 in London he won the international HatAlk competition with the “Equilart” hat inspired by the works of Mondrian, exhibited at the Mainer Gallery.

In Palma de Mallorca she was invited to exhibit “Kaira”, a work inspired by Salvador Dalì’s soft clocks, in the exhibition dedicated to him.

“Cuvos” symbolic image of the dome of St. Peter, exhibited in Paris in the Russian Orthodox cathedral in the exhibition dedicated to Fabergé.

Another important creation “Vessapo”, which portrays the erupting Vesuvius, paraded on the stage of the Miss Word final in London, worn by the Italian Miss.

The feltmakers Award

“The feltmakers Award” Award for “Innovative use of felt” at the Feltmaker design competition organized by Rachel Trevor Morgan, the Queen of England’s official milliner with the “Iroco” hat inspired by the Colosseum.


I grew up in a family of artisans breathing an air of creativity from an early age, my father, master of men’s haute couture, taught me that sacrifice and determination allow you to achieve great results, my mother and my grandmother taught me to use the needle, crochet and knit. Imaginative and a bit of an artist, at school I was always praised for my drawings, I tried my hand at any art to express my creative spirit and over the years I have particularly cultivated the tailoring arts. After having dedicated myself for many years to the family, to the work of an accountant and hygienist, in a particular moment of life that sometimes does not place you in the dimension that belongs to you, I felt the need for a change. The passion for hats that I have always loved and worn since I was very young emerged in an overwhelming way in the streets of Milan, my hometown. So I started creating artistic hats and bridal accessories to give vent to my creativity, discovering that I had an innate talent that had remained hidden until then.

I enriched my skills with masters of the sector, later I obtained the qualification of hatter and in a few years I created the Stybel brand, obtaining acknowledgments of great artistic and professional value. I won international competitions, started traveling and met some of the most important personalities in the industry. I made artistic hats for shows and exhibitions in Italy and abroad, trying to convey the value of beauty to the world.

I have overcome myself, my limits and my mental, cultural and practical blocks. My artistic evolution no longer had obstacles, but I felt within myself that I was doing something more: I had to transmit my passion not only through my creations, it was time to share the knowledge I had acquired over the years.

Modista Stefania Belfiore

So I tried to offer courses to fashion academies which welcomed me with great honor.
Since 2018 I have been organizing group workshops and individual courses for anyone who wants to approach this world that for me has meant the beginning of a new life. The teaching is giving me enormous emotions and has shown me the importance of transmitting techniques and knowledge that would otherwise be lost forever. To date, I consider myself a satisfied and fulfilled woman, but still always looking for personal and professional growth.
This is why I can now tell you that strength is within us and can lead us to achieve goals that we could never have imagined if we break down the limits that are imposed on us, especially as a woman.

Resist and create, always create, because we women are pure creative force!



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