True style is not so much aesthetics as what is expressed through it, what we want to represent, the causes we choose to support, it is only in this way that we leave our mark.


The entire manufacturing process is performed with traditional techniques handed down by the master milliners, modeling is performed on fine artisan wooden forms.

I thoroughly studied the art of millinery, now almost completely forgotten, and with a lot of experience and work I was able to specialize at the highest level.

My works are distinguished by style and fine workmanship. In the hats that I make, I seek the perfection of technique and the balance of shapes and colors in harmony with the features of my clients, a work of empathy and precision.


Each choice makes a difference in every step of the creative process.

The materials are all of the highest quality and the meticulous finishes are made exclusively by hand to obtain a perfect and invisible result.

The details are also all made of precious materials such as Swaroski crystals, semi-precious stones, lace and feathers.


The felt I use is obtained by shearing animal hair without cruelty and violence, the straw is natural, the canvas in vegetable fiber. Even the make-up is of natural origin and free of chemical agents. The reduction of consumption and waste is also very important: most of the pieces are made to order and I keep the leftovers of fabric to reuse them in new creations. Virtually zero waste and low impact. A handcrafted hat lasts a lifetime! Investing in quality means acting for a better future.

Pink territory

I believe in the rebirth of local crafts and even more in female entrepreneurship; I collaborate with artisan colleagues, artists and designers with initiatives aimed at enhancing the beauty of our territory. I participate in events and exhibitions to raise awareness of local artistic riches through our works.


Of all, however, the most important commitment is aimed at women, I create for women, to make them feel beautiful and confident. Each piece is unique, modeled to enhance the features and personality of the wearer. I am looking for beauty intended as an expression of the soul, because loving and loving each other is the first step to face the world with your head held high.


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