Learn all the secrets and techniques to make fantastic hats handmade.

Millinery is not just a profession, but an art, a historical and cultural heritage to be safeguarded. 

For this reason i also dedicate myself to teaching with passion. My intent is to divulga this ancient and precious craft to revive the tradition and value of the made in italy excellence craftsmanship through the new generations of creatives.

Finally everyone can get to know the fantastic world of millinery thanks to my courses designed toadapt on various levels of manual skills, from beginners to who already have technical skills:

The basic course aims to teach the fundamentals of designing and making a felt hat, focusing
essentially on the practice of modeling.
The advanced courses offer a training course that guarantees the acquisition of the essential skills to
be able with more complex techniques and with the use of more materials and particular finishes.
Today millinery can be applied with innovation, matching tradition with modernity.
There are many potentials work in the fashion industry: creation of personal collections for stylists,
creation of prototypes for production, collaboration with companies and fashion designers and
much more.
Fashion is constantly evolving,
the past merges with the present, facing the future.

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